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Premier one-day conference

November 12th, 2024
10:00AM – 4:00PM

110 E 25th Street
New York, NY

PrivTech Invest, presented by Grit Capital Partners, is a premier and limited-invitation industry gathering that connects venture capital GPs, Corporate VCs, LPs, family offices, and foundations – with growth-stage private CEOs and experts. At this intimate nexus of the venture ecosystem, you will gain proprietary insight into the state of the market for investing in private technology companies through fund vehicles, and direct investing.

Whether you are a VC, PE firm, LP, family office, angel, corporate innovation team, service provider, or a growth-stage private company, PrivTech Invest is where it all comes together. A full-day format and an exclusive curated group will maximize your time while delivering opportunity and insight to your organization.

Request an invitation now, this event will reach capacity.

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Suzy Deering

Chief Marketing Officer, Ford Motor Company

Lee Fenton

CEO, Bally’s

Tom Wheeler

Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution / Former FCC Chairman

Kim Rosenblum

Chief Marketing Officer, Betterment

Cristina Dolan

CEO, Inside Chains, Author, Transparency in ESG: The Circular Economy

Paul Palmieri

General Partner, Grit Capital Partners

Deric Emry

Senior Managing Director, Private Equity, StepStone Capital

Wayne Kimmel

Managing Partner, SeventySix Capital

Chris Bevilacqua

CEO & CoFounder, Simplebet

Stuart Ellman

General Partner, RRE Ventures

Melissa Blau

Founder & Director, iGaming Capital

Roderick Randall

Chairman, MagLev Aero

Jennifer Byrne

Venture Partner, Grit Capital Partners

Julia Huang

Founding Partner, Company Capital

Mike Mulica

CEO, Alef Edge

Kathleen Booth

SVP Marketing, Tradeswell

Stephan Lambert

Global Co-Head of Strategy, Wealth Management, GoldmanSachs

Jon Chu

Chief Product Officer, Privco

April Rudin

Founder and CEO, The Rudin Group

Jeff Cherry

Managing Partner, Conscious Venture Partners

Rosie O’Meara

Chief Revenue Officer, GroundTruth

Nihal Mehta

Co-Founder & GP, Eniac Ventures

Joel Lunenfeld

Chief Strategy Officer, KREATR

Dot Bustelo

CEO, Loupe

Dan Rosenberg

Founder & CEO, Octane11

Mike Flannery

General Partner, Grit Capital Partners

Dayna Grayson

Co-Founder & General Partner, Construct Capital

David Brown

Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets, EY

Joe Doran

Chief Product Officer, Epsilon

Jamie McDonald

CEO, Upsurge

Tony Vartanian

Chief Growth & Revenue Officer, Jackpocket

Glenn Rachlin

Sales & Partnerships, Alchemy

Grit Capital Partners is an early stage investment firm, focused on technology, and comprised of investor entrepreneurs. The firm invests in high potential teams who seek to disrupt industries with technology and data, and are on a path to change the world. The combination of a powerful idea, an addressable market, and a world class team provides significant advantage when combined with our acceleration network of entrepreneurs, executives, and technology veterans at the top of their game.

The PrivTech Invest Conference is by invitation only. Stay tuned for PrivTech 2024 on October 30th.